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Combination of Techniques

I have been cleaning carpets, furniture and drapes for over 15 years. I have taken 2 cleaning techniques and combined them into 1 cleaning process.

1st Technique

Shampoo and Scrubbing:


  • Fast Drying
  • Unique Scrubbing Technique / Prevents Over Wetting
  • Remove Deep Down Stains
  • Remove Traffic Lanes
  • Top Quality Cleaning Agents
  • Stains Won't Reappear

2nd Technique

Steamed Rinse Extraction


  • Steam to sanitize and removes dust mites and allergens
  • Removal of oily and greasy substances.
  • Removes soapy residue from the carpets
  • Brightens and Softens Carpet
  • Fast 8 Hour Drying Time
  • Includes Deoderizer


*By using only the strengths of each technique, I have come up with a process that will leave your fibers clean, sanitary and free of the soapy residue.*

Cleaning Process

Step 1

We take the time to prep your rooms for the cleaning. 

Step 2

We apply pre-spray to your heavy traffic lane soil or heavy spots and soil. 

Step 3

Then we use our hot steamed scrubber.

We use the top of the line cleaning agents to ensure cleanliness. 

 Step 4

The Steamed Extractor:

Time to deodorize and rinse. 

The steam is to sanitize and kill any dust mites in the carpets.

Our powerful extractor will vacuuming up the dirt and moisture. 

Step 5

We apply our scotch guard to your fibers.

This assures you that your fibers are protected from spills. 

  Step 6

We begin to replace your furniture to its original position.

Place furniture protector underneath your furniture. 

...In conclusion

After these steps are completed, we guarantee our work for 60 days.

You can expect Excellence in Everything We Do!Our goal is to provide you with professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery so you'll want to tell your friends and relatives that Kenny is my Carpet Cleaner.

Let Kenny My Carpet Cleaner be your only choice for residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Philadelphia and surrounding areas!

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